Shaping small damages: Part I

Shaping small damages: Part I / Spis małych uszkodzeń. Część I HD video, 07’48 PL Materiał zrealizowany podczas turniejów bokserskich. Obraz koncentruje się na narożnikach ringu, podczas przerw…

Pogłos Zwiastun.Still004

Reverb (2015)

Reverb / Pogłos HD video 14’30” sound 2015 ENG Ritszel in his movie Reverb cleans view of audial perception. He introduce the viewer to his laboratory, spread through…

Dominik_Ritszel_Turist_2015 (5)

Turist (2015)

Turist / Turysta HD video 11’21” sound 2015 ENG Video presents the series of scenes from holidays. The images of nature, which refers to postcard landscapes, scenes from…


Versus (2014)

Versus HD video 08’21” sound 2 channel synchronised 2014 ENG While working on“Versus”, the artist wanted to employ a prearranged situation to capture the moments that go beyond…

Dominik_Ritszel_Film_about_the_shcool (2)

Film about the school (2014)

Film about the school / Film o szkole HD video 09’13” sound 2014 ENG Video refers to problem of shaping the identity in oppressive rigour of the institution….


Hunting (2013)

Hunting / Polowanie HD video 18’35” sound 2013 ENG The inspiration for this work was main hero of the video. Robert study Political science and during his free…

Dominik_Ritszel_Preludium_2013 (6)

Prelude (2013)

Prelude / Preludium HD video 08’02” sound 2013 ENG Video presents staged family scene of learning piano lesson.The relation between the man and the boy brings to inconspicuous,…


See you all (2012)

See you all HD video 29’40” sound 2012 ENG Video was based on three years of secret recordings by the artist using a hidden camera, of accidental rather…

Eine kleine Werke (2012) - sreen

Eine kleine Werke (2012)

Eine kleine Werke HD video documentation 11’28” sound 2012 ENG Film is a video documentation of the concert which happened in the Remand Centre in Zabrze (Poland). The…


Campers (2012)

Campers HD video 14’47” sound 2012 ENG Dominik Ritszel’s film opens on a sequence where we see two soldiers in front of an undefined concrete construction, in a…